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Metameric massage is considered a neural therapy: it acts from the periphery through cutaneous stimulation and produces an effect on the organs through the viscero-musculo-cutaneous reflex. This massage consists of treating the different metameric areas on the skin surface of the body, since a diseased organ can produce symptoms in a certain area of the body with which it is related: pain, tension, vasomotor disturbances.

The main maneuver in this type of massage is called "stroke": it consists of stretching the superficial tissue, the skin, in a smooth and constant way. Thus, the stimulus is a slight stretch on the skin, without pressing, since with pressure we could reduce the desired effect.

Metameric massage is especially useful in the case of recovery from traumatic accidents, since it facilitates the regeneration of bones and affected tissues. Similarly, when a person has to remain immobilized for a long time, this massage prevents or delays the formation of ulcers, sores, edema or degenerative processes. But it is also widely used for the treatment of numerous pathologies, as well as to improve the quality of life in a simple and very effective way, which is why the motto is "small stimuli with great benefits".

Libro de masaje metamérico:

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