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Complete course of integrative scientific Auriculomedicine

According to the French school of its discoverer Dr. Paul Nogier.

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What can you achieve with this course?

By completing this auriculomedicine course, you will achieve complete training that will allow you to better understand your patients' problems, as well as the strategies to address and resolve them. In addition, you will have the opportunity to have a broader vision of what may be the causes that originate the pathologies of your patients, such as, for example, your mouth problems, your scars or the effects of radiation in your home. All this will allow you to reap more professional successes and considerably improve your number of patients and your economic income. On the other hand, to carry out this course, previous knowledge of auriculomedicine is not necessary, since the course is developed step by step, explaining from the fundamental bases to advanced knowledge of the subject. This training took me many years of study and thousands of euros in courses with different teachers, but you will have the opportunity to achieve it in a very short time and at a very low cost. In addition, you will have added value when taking this course, since I learned auriculomedicine directly from its creator, Dr. Paul Nogier, and I have more than forty years of experience in this field. And on the other hand, I am the author of the most comprehensive book published to date in the Spanish language, the New Treatise on Auriculomedicine, published by Hispano Europea.

The opinion of our students

Elizabet Escobar (naturopath)

Nuria Serra (beautician and masseur)

Dra. Rebeca Peña (acupuncturist)

Teresa Mazarico (naturopath)

Dr. Jovel Rojas (Professor at the University, Costa Rica)

Dra. Tatiana Encalada (acupuncturist)