Bernat Bricot


Bernad Bricot (France): orthopedic surgeon, member of the GREMA of Lyon and observer of the WHO. He is a professor at the Tor Vergata University of Rome, the Sapienza University of Rome, the University of Palermo and the Faculty of Toulouse. Founder of CIES. Member of several scientific committees in Brazil and honorary member of CITABE. He has taught posturology courses in several countries.


Leonello Milani


Leonello Milani (Italy): graduated in medicine and surgery in Milan in 1974, professor at various Italian universities, specialist in neurology and alternative medicine. Author of several books and scientific articles. He has taught courses in different countries in Europe and America.


Ricard Tutusaus


Ricard Tutusaus (Spain): he has extensive experience in the treatment of the locomotor system, he combines his osteopathy consultations with the classes he teaches at the university and in various medical centers in Spain. Co-author of the book «Fascial system». He practices professionally in Sabadell (Barcelona).